New Indian Restaurant in Bethesda – Special Lunch Meal Offer

Tikka masala is the best Indian restaurant in Bethesda which comes up with delicious food that is filled with Aroma Indian spices. Tikka masala has always tried to serve the best Authentic recipes which are loved by every Indian which makes tikka masala one of the best new Indian restaurants in Bethesda. Our recipes are prepared by chefs which are well versed with the recipes as well as the ingredients used in them which makes our dishes quite tasty. We always try to serve the best Indian dishes to all our customers as we have the best take-out food in Bethesda MD.

If you are hungry and a craving for some hot and tasty food you must definitely order some tasty dishes from tikka masala which will definitely fill your stomach as well as your cravings. Tikka masala not only serves fabulous dishes but it also gives great deals on food meals to make our customers happy. From special festival meals like Valentine’s Day to mind-blowing means on daily basis like special lunch meal or Sunday meal makes tikka masala one of the best in Town.

Special Lunch Meal From Tikka Masala New Indian Restaurant in Bethesda

New indian restaurant in bethesda

Bored from regular lunches want to eat something tasty or, want some tasty meal after a tiring day work or want to give yourself a tasty treat. Then here’s a perfect meal from tikka masala where you can just satisfy yourself with some special dishes served by us.
Tikka masala- New Indian restaurant in Bethesda is coming up with a great special lunch meal which is served from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. every day. You can order it from your mobile phone where home delivery will be provided or services of takeout are also available.
This special lunch meal is only for $9 which is quite affordable as it includes both veg and non-veg options with rice and naan. It has a good packaging which can be easily carried or portable as well as it also keeps the food hot.

While offering this mail you get three options in non-veg and two options in veg entrees which you can order as per your requirement.

This meal consists of:

Option one: non-veg entrees

(choose any one option from any of the 3 non-veg entrees)

  • Butter chicken
  • Fresh chicken cooked in a special curry of spiced tomato, butter, and cream sauce.)
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Roasted and marinated chicken chunks cooked in spiced rich gravy.)
  • Tandoori chicken
    (fresh chicken marinated in a special sauce of yogurt and secret spices and then
    roasted in tandoor)

Option two: veg entrees

(choose any one option from any of the given 2 veg entrees)

  • Chana masala
    (Chickpeas or Chana cooked in the delicious and rich gravy of onion garlic and
  • Palak panner
    (fresh cottage cheeses cooked in Delicious spinach gravy with aromatic dry spices
    of India)

Served with Hot Naan and basmati rice.

We tikka masala would like to serve the best take-out food in Bethesda MD.

“Isn’t a mind-blowing deal? For all the food lovers. So do order a special meal for you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy a special meal as a lunch with your family.”

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Why Tikka Masala is the Best Indian Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland

Best Indian restaurant in Bethesda
Indian restaurant in Bethesda

Why Tikka Masala is the Best Indian Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland

Do you have craving for Indian food, then here is the best place for you. Tikka masala a very famous Best Indian restaurant in Bethesda would like to invite you to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering Indian cuisines. We provide a variety of entrees including non-veg entrees like chicken, shrimp, and veg entrees like paneer (cheese), vegetables, and many more.

These are prepared in flavors full of Indian spices and fusion of Aroma and taste. Variety of spicy lamb and chicken dishes which range from $12 to $14, as well as vegetarian dishes that include Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese cubes), Chana Masala (chickpea curry), and biryani recipes which costs from $9 to $10.The pricing of dishes is very affordable and reasonable for Indian food lovers. This is the perfect place which can satisfy your hankering.

The restaurant serves a wide range of cuisines from every segment including Punjabi-style recipes bread, tandoori special, a variety of rice and biryani, desserts like Gulab jamun, puddings, and many more. Also, a platter full of family meal’s which is available in veg and non-veg options also makes Tikka Masala a special place to order from. Tasty Noodle recipes available in different combinations like shrimp chicken and vegetables are made available to our Indian foodies with some daily special offers.

The restaurant has also come with home delivery and takeout food in Bethesda MD services for our customers in collaboration with our partners like Uber eats Grub hub and Doordash. Through which you can enjoy fabulous food by sitting at your home or working from your offices by just ordering from your phone and easy payment facilities. Catering services are made available at very reasonable prices to our customers. Some of them are :


It includes high and tasty food catering services with a team of professional and expert chefs who loves to cook and serve their customers which ensures High quality of customer service. We specialize in providing food catering for wedding events. Various local and international cuisines are made by them.


Various lunches breakfast or brunches are arranged by us for corporate or office meetings. They deliver and cook almost every kind of cuisine they are required or suggested by our clients or as per their need. With the help of highly experienced and professional chefs, various successful caterings are organized. They serve about 15-20 people in a particular branch or as per the event has been fixed. Fresh and delicious food is made and served to our customers. Our motto is to fulfill customer satisfaction, and we work hard for it.


We also provide social event catering. Social event catering services like buffet systems for small as well as big events like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. are entertained by us. This service includes delicious and fresh food being prepared for the event. Experts and professional chefs are hired who provide the best of their services. We also design unique menus and themes for every event.

We showcase inventive Indian cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. We believe in maintaining cordial relations with our customers by providing them the best friendly and hosting services from our side. We Tikka Masala, provide best of the customer services which makes them one of the top-rated Indian customer’s restaurants. The food is always fresh and indulges ingredients of the quality which makes their food more aromatic.

Our motto is only customer happiness and to fulfill their cravings with our best-served dishes.

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The tikka masala team is fully vaccinated.
The restaurant has a seating capacity of 80 people.
Yes the restaurant offers best menu for special occasions.
You can contact the restaurant and book your table.
You can pay through cash or card.
You will get a good discount on family special meal.
You can try chicken tikka masala once you visit. It is the best indian food of the restaurant.
We have a list of all popular dishes in our menu.
Yes, The takeaway service is provided.
You will experience a great sense of service and hospitality.